Joyce ‘Upside Down’ Xmas 18 (Production & Installation)

Joyce ‘Upside Down’ Xmas 18 (Production & Installation)2019-04-03T10:33:02+00:00

Project Description




JOYCE Upside Down Christmas 2018 HK window visual merchandising, design development, build, installation of “Stranger Things” isn’t just a cultural phenomenon, but its vintage storyline has been trending all the way into the fashion retail, becoming inspiration for Joyce’s Christmas 2018 / New Year 2019 window. After the towering carnivorous flower and the giant white swan, this Holiday season’s “Turning Christmas Upside-Down” marketing and creative campaign “sees the worlds if Dorothy’s Land of Oz brought to life through the eyes of nostalgic 1980s sci-fi thriller Stranger Things.” For the display, we recreated the Byers’ house from the hit Netflix series, complete with replicas of actual furniture, down to the alphabet wall with twinkling Christmas lights. On the flip side are glowing green towers of Emerald City, ready to be reversed come New Years’ time.